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Florida in the Spanish American War

overview florida began as a spanish colony, with governing headquarters in havana, cuba. it is fitting, then, that the state played such a large role in the spanish-american war. as a base of training and combat operations, florida's involvement was
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Joseph Knetsch and Nick Wynne
History Press
February 2011


Florida began as a Spanish colony, with governing headquarters in Havana, Cuba. It is fitting, then, that the state played such a large role in the Spanish-American War. As a base of training and combat operations, Florida's involvement was crucial to the war effort. Join trusted historians Joe Knetsch and Nick Wynne as they log a fascinating chapter in Florida's history--a time when Roosevelt's Rough Riders prepared for battle at Tampa bases, when battleships departed from south Florida ports to avenge the sunken USS Maine and when a nation looked to the Sunshine State to help unite America around a common cause, even as the nation still struggled to come to terms with the Civil War and Reconstruction.


About the Authors

Dr. Joe Knetsch is a well-respected and highly involved Florida historian. His latest work, Fear and Anxiety on the Florida Frontier: The Second Seminole War, was published by the Seminole Wars Foundation in 2008. Dr. Knetsch has written extensively on Florida history, publishing several titles with the Florida Historical Society Press. He is the author of Florida's Seminole Wars, 1817-1858.

Dr. Nick Wynne retired in 2008 from his post as executive director of the Florida Historical Society. After obtaining his PhD in history, Dr. Wynne taught college history at several universities, including the University of South Florida. He has published more than twenty books, including several books on Florida history, such as Tin Can Tourists of Florida, Florida in the Civil War, Florida's Antebellum Homes and Golf in Florida. He currently resides in Rockledge, Florida (near Cocoa Beach).


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