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La Mia Famiglia : Never Let Them Steal Your Name

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overview from modest beginnings in a pennsylvania coal mine to the height of success in tampa, florida, there was one constant threat in the scarpo family's lives-the mafia. -in small-town pennsylvania, tony scarpo's grandfather antonio, an immigran
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Anthony Scarpo
Independently Published
June 2019


From modest beginnings in a Pennsylvania coal mine to the height of success in Tampa, Florida, there was one constant threat in the Scarpo family's lives-the mafia. -In small-town Pennsylvania, Tony Scarpo's grandfather Antonio, an immigrant from Bari, Italy, ran afoul of a gangster who terrorized the family for months. Antonio's message to his children was: "Never let them steal your name." -It was a lesson Tony's father, Art Scarpo, took with him into the bar business in Tampa, a lesson he never forgot when the Trafficante crime family came calling. Alongside the Chicago Syndicate and New York's Five Families, the Trafficantes were one of the pillars of the American Mafia. -But little Tony had no idea why his father came home beaten and bloodied. He was just a kid growing up on the outskirts of Tampa, with little-boy dreams and calls to adventure. His 'normal' featured sideshow freaks, crime, violence, bizarre deaths-and murder. -As he grew older, however, his father peeled back the veneer to reveal just how dangerous it was for a bar owner in Tampa and how devastating it was to say 'no' to the Trafficante crime family. -But could the Scarpo family escape the reign of terror brought down by the mob while saving both their name and their lives? -Read this enthralling, heart-wrenching story of one family's struggle against organized crime and of one boy's coming of age that was anything but 'normal.'

" La Mia Famiglia is more than the usual coming-of-age story. Anthony Scarpo's personal journey against struggles outside his control, is framed against the backdrop of growing up in his father's bar business, the insular world of 1960s and 70s Tampa, and the unnerving specter of the Mafia. An intriguing, and well-paced, story that belongs firmly in the Tampa history canon."Scott M. Deitche. Author Cigar City Mafia: A Complete History of the Tampa Underworld.


Anthony Scarpo, a native of Tampa is best known for being an accomplished businessman, philanthropist and a dedicated family man. A graduate of Florida State University, with a Bachelor's in Advertising and a Master's in Marketing he has risen to the top of his industry working with De Beers and the major Diamond cutters from around the world. At the age of 25, he created Anthony Louis, Ltd, one of the largest Diamond Import companies in America and now spends his time with his lovely wife, raising his 2 daughters. His childhood was less than conventional and after many years of reflecting on his journey, a decision was made to write this colorful story.

Notes from the Author:

"Hello, I just came across your site. I was hoping I could introduce you to my book- memoir that I wrote in 2019, called La Mia Famiglia- Never Let Them Steal Your Name.

Written about my life growing up in Tampa in the shadow of the mafia. It's a story from my perspective as a boy 5 to a young man 19.

I hope to be included in your choices.

Thank you,
Anthony Scarpo"


Temple Terrace, Florida
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